Mississippi Chess Coaches

DR Chess - Dave Ross, International Master and Chess Coach


Chess Resources

United States Chess Federation (USCF) - the national governing body for chess. The MSCA is a USCF affiliate. Site provides membership information, ratings, national tournaments, and a chess event calendar.

US Chess Trust - this foundation has several programs designed to help schools launch chess teams. They currently offer free chess equipment and up to 10 USCF memberships for schools with financial need.

Chess.com - this popular site offers online chess, video lessons, and training materials to help improve your game.

Internet Chess Club (ICC) - the original home of online chess and still one of the largest.

Mid-South Chess - operates an annual chess summer camp in Memphis.

Jackson Prep Chess Camp - For many years, Prep has offered a summer chess camp as part of their enrichment programs.

Cajun Chess - online supplier of chess equipment. Cajun Chess usually runs the chess store at our local tournaments and also organizes many large-scale events of their own.

Peyton's Chess Links - a large list of links to articles and web pages about chess history, rules, strategy, and many other pieces of useful information on chess.


Chess Clubs in Mississippi

Capital City Chess Club meets at Outlet Mall Food Court in Pearl MS, Tuesdays from 5:30-8:30pm

Wise Chess Club (North MS - Memphis Area)

Vicksburg Chess Club 

MS Coast Chess Club 


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